You have something important to tell.

Deep down, you know that too.

The problem is—you don't think of yourself as a speaker. Speaking found you; you didn't seek it! And yet, you speak. Turns out, you're an unspeaker. Unspeakers are often unsure of taking the stage because they believe some common myths about public speaking, like:

  • You need to have it all figured out

  • You need to have at least written a book

  • You need to have a certain look

  • You need to be super polished and precise

  • You need to be an extrovert who loves the spotlight

But guess what? Your job is simply to connect. And perfection kills connection. 

Becoming a speaker who truly moves audiences is a process of peeling back layers of vulnerability to reveal yourself—in down-to-earth ways people feel a natural resonance with. And this is a skill that can absolutely be learned.

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